FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions...)

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  [item title="Why can’t I have an IOE (initial oral exam) and a cleaning at the same time?"]

This is the most important appointment you will have at our office. Here is where we begin to help you achieve total dental health

Your first visit with us begins with the process of providing you with an inclusive, thorough evaluation.....not just looking at  your teeth and gum tissues. We review your past dental history, your health history,medications, and dental concerns. This portion of the visit takes up the bulk of time as we spend this time LISTENING to YOU. The visit includes a thorough head and neck examination of your  face, throat, and neck along with an oral cancer screening.

Then we look at your teeth.

During this appointment,  we also take the time to discuss and assess any dental issues you may be currently experiencing. We set aside the last part of this consultation to provide chairside care for these immediate needs.

After this detailed consultation, we can effectively help you plan your dental treatment and create your own personal dental needs profile for you.


[item title="How long will this procedure take?"]

Most procedures are completed in an hour or less. That being said, every procedure, depending upon its complexities, takes whatever time is necessary to perform an effective treatment. Some dental issues are so complex that they may require several visits. [/item]

[item title="Do you take insurance?"]

Yes.  We are on board with most major Preferred Provider Option (PPO) plans like MetLife and Delta Dental. We are not a part of any HMO or DMO Dental Plans.

You can check our insurance page for the plans we currently accept. If you do not see your plan, then please call us to verify that we are on your Dental Insurance and that your dental coverage is in effect and up to date.


[item title="Can I make payments?"]

We have a variety of payment options available to you. Once we are able to determine your specific dental needs, we can assist you with your financial treatment goals.


[item title="What’s the earliest/latest appointment?"]

Our schedule is by appointment only so we can help you find the most convenient time for your dental care. We do request that any cancellations be made directly to our staff during business hours, at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time. This will afford us the ability to contact those patients who are would like to be seen sooner.

Please see our Appointments page for more information. [/item]

[item title="How often should I have my teeth cleaned?"]

We are in agreement with The American Dental Association that every SIX MONTHS  is the ideal interval. This allows us to detect and treat dental disease very early when the outcome is most favorable and the cost of treatment is lowest. Avoiding visits will only result in complications, pain, infection and increased treatment time and cost of treatment.


[item title="What is a cavity?"]

Cavities are listed as the #1 disease of mankind worldwide. A cavity is the breakdown of the outer shell of the tooth (enamel) by bacterial infection. Once this hard barrier has been penetrated, the bacteria invade the softer inner layer called dentin.

With additional time, the bacteria reach the central nerve and blood supply of the tooth infecting and killing the tooth. This causes extreme pain. If infection spreads to the surrounding bone and skin, then the tooth becomes abscessed. Some of the serious complications of an abscessed tooth can be life-threatening.


[item title="Do you use amalgam?"]

Our office is MERCURY-FREE. Although amalgam (silver) fillings are proven to be safe, we place only BONDED TOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS. We use only state-of-the-art bonding materials.

Studies have shown that amalgam fillings do not become part of the tooth structure and require additional tooth structure be removed to place these fillings. They cannot be repaired and with time, break down and can become decayed around and under the filling.   

Bonding actually knits with the inner and outer tooth structure to become part of the material. The bonded fillings are rarely sensitive to heat and cold, are more life-like in color,  feel more natural, and seal the tooth from leakage. They are easily repaired and very long-lasting.

Bonding has been proven to be more beneficial to the life of a filling over amalgam silver fillings.

These are the reasons why we have chosen bonding for our patients.