September 15 , 2018

TeamSmile Update 264pxTeamSmile Update: So, how did the event really shape up?

Anytime you volunteer for a charity event, it's always important to know how you did. What difference was really made on behalf of the individual's who otherwise would not have access to important dental care?

I think we did good!

Here are some facts about the TeamSmile event that was held with the Chicago Bears at their training camp in Bourbonais, Illinois on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University.

TeamSmile facts:

  • 61 volunteers provided dental care to approximately 167, K-12, students.
  • Total Care and Education provided: $68,437.00.
  • Dental and Preventative Services provided: $60,922.00.
  • Oral Health Education: $7,515.00.
  • Average Dental Care per Patient (includes education): $410.00.
  • Student/Patient Medicaid: 78% had Medicaid, 8% had no Medicaid and 14% were unkown.
  • Patient Race and Ethnicity: African-American 37%, Hispanic/Latino 18%, White 19%, Multi-racial 7%,  Other 1% and Not reported 16%.
  • 7 Patients reported pain prior to the clinic. 35 needed additional treatment needs beyond the event.
  • Those reporting not having a Dentist of record: 57% No, 25% Yes and 18% weren't sure.
  • Work Completed:
    • X-Ray: Diagnosed 72  Completed 70
    • Restoritive: Diagnosed 63 Completed 61
    • Sealants/Sonic Scaler: Diagnosed 52 Completed 48
    • Polish/Light Scaling: Diagnosed 127 Completed 106

Please note: Parents are escorting their children through the clinic at the event and can choose not to visit a station.

So, when all is said and done, this event provided vital dental care to children, who otherwise, would not have access to dental services or the information to keep themselves healthy.


Sources: TeamSmile Summary Report.